Tech Hangout 1.0

In an effort to foster collaboration and promote innovation in the tech ecosystem, the office of the Special Adviser on Innovation Mr. Seun Fakuade hosted a tech hangout event. The goal of this event was to engage with ecosystem players, discuss upcoming events and encourage the need to take ownership of proposed upcoming activities.

The hangout began with introductions and a warm welcome from the team. We then shared information about upcoming events, highlighting their objectives and expected outcomes.

Next, Mr. Fakuade spent time to engage attendees encouraging them to ask questions and provide suggestions on how we could improve the nature of tech in the State. This allowed for more focused conversations and helped us better understand the needs of the ecosystem. He also used the opportunity to invite attendees to provide mentorship to other participants at the event and extend the same to new entries into the ecosystem.

Throughout the hangout, we also provided networking opportunities for attendees to connect with each other and share ideas. This helped to build relationships between ecosystem players and encouraged collaboration beyond the scope of the event.

The hangout was highly successful, with over 180 ecosystem players in attendance. Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing excitement for our upcoming events and a desire to continue engaging with us.

As a result of the hangout, several attendees expressed interest in taking on leadership roles within our events, and we are currently working with them to make this a reality. In addition, we have identified specific areas for improvement in our events based on the feedback received during the hangout.

Overall, the hangout was a valuable opportunity to engage with ecosystem players and promote our upcoming events. By encouraging attendees to take ownership of these activities, we hope to foster a sense of community and collaboration within the tech ecosystem, and create lasting impact on innovation in the State. NEXT IS TECH HANGOUT 2.0; WATCH OUT!