GovTech is the use of technology to address public sector challenges and transform how governments interact and provide services to citizens. The adoption of technology in government has opened up possibilities for more efficient and cost-effective solutions to common problems.

GovTech is a short for innovation technology infused with governance, and refers to the use of technology to improve public services and enhance government operations.

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Today, this emerging sector involves creating innovative solutions that make it easier for citizens to interact with the government and for government officials to perform their duties more efficiently. GovTech covers a broad range of thematic areas and economic sectors including data management, cyber security, digital identity, citizen engagement, smart cities and transportation, and many others.

The ultimate goal of Ekiti GovTech is to create an engaging, innovative, world class government which is transparent, effective, and accessible in its service to citizens and businesses through the adoption of innovative technology.

To stimulate the tech ecosystem in Ekiti and harness the power of GovTech, the office has put together the first of its kind that brings players into the room to hack public/government problems. Participants’ would include tech professionals, policymakers, government officials, and other stakeholders interested in solving public sector challenges.

The activity would start with participants identifying key challenges facing public offices or government. This would be done through a brainstorming session or by reviewing existing reports and data. Once the challenges have been identified, participants would work together to develop innovative solutions using technology.

Participants would be encouraged to think outside the box and explore new ideas that could help solve long-standing problems. They would be given access to all available tools and resources needed to develop their solutions, including data sets, software, and hardware.

The final stage of the activity would involve presenting the solutions to judges made up of experts in the field. The judges would assess each solution based on its feasibility, impact, and potential for implementation. The winning solution(s) would be awarded prizes and recognition for their contribution to the whole process.

Activities aimed at stimulating the tech ecosystem are critical for driving innovation and addressing public sector challenges. By bringing together stakeholders from different sectors, we can leverage technology to improve government services and drive positive change in society.